Your smile is our success

Our vision is based on a selective approach in order to optimize your working tool: take care of the people you work with, to strengthen your identity, to enrich your brand image.

The originality and the efficiency of TREND CONCEPT is based on essentials principles :

Be your unique interlocutor; what avoids so many disappointments

Every project remains a unique and custom-made project adapted only on your need.

Anthony Jaunasse was born in Maine-et-Loire ( 49 ) and lives for 25 years in Guadeloupe in the French West Indies.
Trained on the ground by “Les compagnons du tour de France” as cabinet maker, he arrived in Guadeloupe in 1990, fascinated in the contact of the raw material and especially the “wood”.

This island of the ” beautiful waters ” and the human heat which reigns there tempts him to make its life here.

Anthony Jaunasse is going to work for several Companies in Domains connected to the Building and thus to affect all the building trades. He is going to persevere by several formations.

Passionate and worried about the detail; this desire to never stop learning; Anthony Jaunasse develops very fast his listening skills.

He understands very quickly the needs for the customers and less than ten years after his arrival in Guadeloupe he become a dynamic CEO.

His precision and his reactivity allows him to receive the confidence from Big companies on the market of the French West Indies.

The creation of new spaces, the listening, the expertise, the support in the advice allowed him to become the Leader on the market of the arrangement and the renovation of the businesses, the offices and any places of sale in French Antilles and in Guiana. He puts all his professionalism and his creativity in the service of his customers.

He forms constantly to bring more value added to each of his customers.

Today Trend Concept is consulted in Guadeloupe Martinique, Guiana, saint Martin, in France and Monaco for advice and specific studies in adequacy with the needs for the men and for the women; while respecting the environment.

He is an Entrepreneur worried about modern and warm aestheticism, worried about optimization of space and especially about the good(property) to be occupants of places.

His passion for the sea and moments of enjoyment in family make of him a man even more flourished in his activity of creator of living space.